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May 17 2010

ARTOC Sports is Appointed as Tanita Distributor in Egypt

ARTOC Sports is Appointed as Tanita Distributor in Egypt ARTOC Sports has become the distributor of Tanita - the world’s leading manufacturer of body fat/composition monitors - in Egypt. The acquisition by ARTOC Sports of sole agency rights of Tanita in both the home-use and professional fitness sectors is further testament to the company’s commitment to maintaining its position as the leading provider of branded health and fitness solutions in Egypt for over 17 years.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Tanita is the world leader in precision electronic scales. The company pioneered the world’s first integrated body composition analyser/scale in 1992, creating an entirely new category of consumer products that could make the conventional weight scale obsolete, as studies have shown that people do not have to be overweight to have excess body fat. With the latter being linked to higher risks

of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, Tanita offers consumers a wide range of products to monitor their own health in a one-step process that passes a low and safe electrical signal through the body (bioelectrical impedence analysis) to calculate fat content.