Four Decades of Achievement

1971-1979: The Decade that Witnessed the Dawn of the ARTOC Adventure

In 1971, the Adel Gabr Consultant Company (AGCC) was established to act as a gateway to Egypt for American and European companies. In 1974, the introduction of modern building technologies by AGCC, including flying forms, construction, scaffolding, formwork and other utility equipment revolutionized the Egyptian construction industry. We developed the expertise to deliver major turnkey construction projects by combining foreign companies, domestic subcontractors and ARTOC’s own engineering expertise. In addition, we supplied and installed power generation equipment, hydrogen and oxygen plants, water treatment plants and supplied a wide range of specialized vehicles to companies and government departments throughout Egypt.


During the 1980s, ARTOC consolidated its position as a leading supplier of specialized vehicles, such as refuse collection trucks, ambulances and maintenance vehicles. We supplied and installed more and more complex projects, including the first microprocessor traffic control system in Cairo, 160 incineration plants at hospitals throughout Egypt and conducted a major upgrade of the water distribution networks in the cities of Dakhilia and Aswan. In addition, we engineered, supplied and installed 68 compact portable water units to provincial districts and towns. ARTOC also invested in the establishment of Alphametal Steel Structures, which spawned Aphametal Contracting and Alphametal Research. We also had our first overseas adventure with the delivery of storage and transport facilities for grain in Sudan, including silos, conveyor belts and grain bagging equipment–all designed and manufactured in Egypt.


The 1990s was a decade of expansion for ARTOC, with a host of exciting and unusual projects. Whatever the challenge, we were equal to it. In the early 1990's ARTOC was a 30 percent shareholder with Owens
Corning in Egypt's first concrete pipe manufacturing facility. ARTOC pioneered the export of engineered products from France, the USA, and the Czech and Slovak Republics to North Africa and Asia, notably Algeria, Tunisia, Singapore and Thailand. Since the late 1970s ARTOC had been involved in a cross section of privatization projects and in 1997 ARTOC owned 4.8 percent of Egypt's mobile phone
license when the Government owned 70 percent and 30 percent was a publicly floated. ARTOC supplied mobile clinics to the Ministry of Health, taking modern healthcare and family planning advice into rural areas. We completed a multimillion dollar turnkey traffic signaling project. ARTOC also exported grain storage facilities and five sugar plants to Iran. In Sudan, we delivered and installed 70 irrigation pumps. ARTOC Prague rapidly emerged as a leading exporter of aerospace, ground support equipment, machinery and turbines to North Africa and the Middle East. ARTOC Auto and ARTOC Auto Free Zone began importing Skoda cars. ARTOC USA became a commercial link between the USA and Egypt. ARTOC Suez for Technical Services represented international manufacturers seeking to do business in Egypt and the region. Cleo, the leading Egyptian lifestyle magazine, was launched as the decade drew to a close. ARTOC also became the market leader for the supply of sports and fitness equipment in Egypt. Moreover, ARTOC expanded its investment portfolio in consumer products, real estate and manufacturing.


Since the dawn of the new millennium, ARTOC's pace has been relentless. In addition to consolidating and developing our existing businesses, we have pursued a number of new opportunities. ARTOC exported training and security equipment from Europe to North Africa. ARTOC built the largest airport passenger annex in the Middle East at Hurghada Airport. We completed a variety of acquisitions and we moved into our beautiful new headquarters in Mokattam. We have significantly expanded our interests in commercial real estate development, most recently with the launch of ARTOC Universal Properties. ARTOC Petroleum has consolidated our oil and gas activities.

ARTOC is focused on becoming increasingly global in our outlook and are actively pursuing new international opportunities.