M.Shafik Gabr

Chairman and Managing Director
7, Hassan Al-Akbar Street
Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt 11439

Tel +(202) 2505 5777
Fax +(202) 2505 3222
E-mail chairman@artoc.com
A word from our Chairman

"Our mission is to maximise our collective potential by relentlessly pursuing market innovations and business opportunities in niche, transitional and emerging markets. We have delivered this commitment for over 47 years by investing successfully in people, products and opportunities all over the world."

The company was started in 1971 by my father Adel Gabr. He founded the Adel Gabr Consultant Company following a highly successful diplomatic career. The company played a key role in promoting Egyptian trade as the economy began to open up. That pioneering tradition has been maintained through the years and in 1991 the company evolved into the ARTOC Group, a conglomerate with an international outlook. From an initial focus on the Egyptian economy, the group now conducts business all over the world.

We are proactive investors and willing, resourceful and enthusiastic partners of governments and international companies. Over the years we have introduced new products and technology into Egypt helping to drive the economy forward and transform peoples' lives. We have exported our skills and created successful projects throughout the region and internationally. As we look ahead, we are planning to expand our portfolio of investments particularly in the areas of commercial real estate and education and training. The lessons we have learned in Egypt and the Middle East will enable us to move successfully into North Africa, India and Asia. We believe that we can prosper and make a real contribution to improving the quality of life wherever we operate by continuing to be bold, driven and determined in everything we do.