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Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt

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Project Investment Division

Specialized Vehicles

ARTOC has always prided itself on its ability to listen to its clients and to produce customized vehicles that meet expectations in terms of quality, performance and style. ARTOC has built a reputation in this industry, having delivered over 24 types of specialized and maintenance vehicles, and transportation systems, including fire-fighting trucks, security vehicles, ambulances, specialized military trucks, custom-built transportation trailers and multipurpose utility vehicles.

We now offer bespoke vehicles and can work directly with clients to produce any conversion that may be required, from making minor alterations to an existing model or creating a new customized solution from scratch.

Continued investment in our engineering facilities has given ARTOC ultimate control over what we can deliver, and with a global supply chain that is second to none, we can source the right components and technical solutions to ensure that the resulting transport solution is fit for its purpose.