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Alphametal Steel Structures

7 Hassan Al-Akbar Street
Mokattam Cairo Egypt 11439
Tel +(202) 2505 6111 / 6161
Fax +(202) 2505 3222


7 Hassan Al-Akbar Street
Mokattam Cairo,
Egypt 11439
Tel +(202) 2505 6111 / 6161
Fax +(202) 2505 6201

ARTOC Petroleum

Abdel Hamid Sorour
Vice Chairman

7 Hassan Al-Akbar Street
Mokattam Cairo, Egypt 11439
Tel +(202) 2505 6111 / 6161
Fax +(202) 2508 6201

Project Investment

The Project Investment Division exists to develop and enhance new projects and existing opportunities by providing technical, management, resource and financial assistance. The division acts as a dynamic link enabling international companies to transfer technology, products, services and human resources to all the markets in which we operate. We have a network of partners, as well as the necessary global supply chains, to support the development of individual companies and whole industries, thus allowing them to achieve their objectives.

  • Alphametal Steel Structure

Specializing in steel fabrication and turnkey steel-based projects, Alphametal Steel Structure provides an essential element of backward and forward integration in construction and development projects to a portfolio of leading clients, and is the leading supplier of wide-span factories in Egypt.

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  • ARTOC Petroleum

ARTOC Petroleum was established to consolidate ARTOC's oil and gas activities. In addition to providing logistical services for international energy companies who are operating in Egypt, this subsidiary is also a partner in some of Egypt’s most promising exploration and production projects. Its key partnerships include Naftogaz of Ukraine and Scimitar, a subsidiary of Rally Energy Group of Canada.

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  • ARTOC Air

ARTOC Air offers leasing-access to its corporate jet aircraft. With ARTOC Air, the region's leading businessmen can enjoy the flexibility and comfort of a private jet at their convenience.