Corporate Social Responsibility and Non Governmental Organisation Activity

ARTOC believes that every company has a responsibility that extends beyond its financial bottom-line: a responsibility to society at large and a responsibility to help build stable, peaceful and prosperous communities that are able to sustain the hopes and dreams of future generations. At ARTOC, we are committed to raising the quality of life everywhere we do business.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, ARTOC has committed to the highest levels of responsible corporate citizenship. Signatories to the Global Compact work to advance ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. Launched at UN headquarters in July 2000, the Global Compact seeks to bring together companies with UN agencies, labor and civil society to support universal environmental and social principles. To achieve its objectives, the Global Compact offers facilitation and engagement through several mechanisms: policy dialogues, learning, country/regional networks, and partnership projects.

Through its leadership in organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the Arab Business Council, Egypt's International Economic Forum, and the Egypt-US Business Council, ARTOC has been at the forefront of advocating trade and investment liberalization and economic and social reform. Growing economic interdependence and globalization can be powerful catalysts for prosperity and peace. Societies and individuals, especially those at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum, need to be equipped with the tools needed to deal with the rigors and increased competition brought on by globalization. ARTOC has always believed in and supported educational reform as a key to creating dynamic and vibrant workforce fit for the twenty-first century.

ARTOC is very much involved in the construction and rehabilitation of primary public schools to assist our future generation in acquiring the necessary tools to help them succeed. ARTOC also provides medical caravans that supply free medical care to tens of thousands of individuals in underprivileged communities and is in the process of constructing its first full-fledged medical center. In addition to continuing its corporate social responsibility in all the communities in which it is involved, ARTOC support far-reaching global initiatives such as the Suzanne Mubarak International Women's Peace Movement and the Anti-Human Trafficking Global Initiative.

ARTOC believes that businesses must be proactive in not only seizing the opportunities created by globalization, but also in helping citizens meet the challenges which inevitably accompany it.